My very own Kitchen Soother

As the scrambled eggs hit the the hot fat in the pan I can't help but close my eyes as I ponder on such a blissful sound. As I listened to the soft crackling of butter and the formation of raw eggs to cooked, it amazes me how something so simple could be so enticing. Like explorers pursuing the calls of the wild I listen for the sounds of the kitchen. The way the blade of a knife crunches through a rib of celery or the soft sweep of kneading dough. It reminds me why I love the kitchen so much. Some sounds have meaning like the clinking of silverware against a bowl. If you’ve done a good job the clink won't stop until they've finished they're plate, thoroughly enjoying your food. I thought about a “sound soother” or so I think that's what they call them. The small clock/radio’s that sit on a night table, desk, or in a day spa.

You might hear the relaxing sounds of rainfall, the power of a waterfall, the chirping of baby birds, but I hear things differently. If I could create a sound soother of my own and I could borrow the sounds that I could consider the most soothing, it would be as follows. The creaming of butter and sugar which is the sound of moist lard meeting minuscule granules of sweet sand.

The high heated bubbling of something being fried. The broiling of roasted tomatoes as they're juices erupt through their skin like tiny geysers.  The crisp cracking of an egg when its shell separates and the striking of a chefs knife against a cutting board. These are my sounds of nature, the bells and whistles of my kitchen. So if I might ask, what are your favorite kitchen sounds? What would they be on your "kitchen soother"? Tell me and Keep on Cooking.

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