The Food Truck Frenzy

 You might have heard that the latest food craze “food trucks” are taking the country by storm. Why wouldn’t they though, they’re convenient, always on the move, serving fresh gourmet food on the go, they’re restaurants on wheels! With blogger’s covering their every move and TV shows created specifically about them its no wonder why they’re all around.
A few weeks ago I got the chance to meet the two young ladies behind Foodies on the Fly (FOTF), a great blog covering everything from Food Trucks to couture. FOTF informed me of a Gourmet Food Truck Expo being held here in Boca Raton, Florida! The expo had a variety of cuisines for foodies to indulge in. From Miami to West Palm Beach, (Boca Raton is in the middle) here are just a few:

-The Curbside Gourmet
-Dim Ssam a gogo
-The MexZican Gourmet
-Slow Food
-Aaron’s Catering Express 
-Nacho Bizness
-Sugar Yummy Mama

    Out of the hundreds of people that attended it seemed that most of them had decided to join the line in front of Dim Ssam a Gogo an Asian themed food truck by Sikaya Kitchen. Besides the edgy look to their truck, with the really cool pig illustrations on the side, their food is something to talk about. As I joined the line at the Miami based food truck,

FOTF arrived on the scene joining me on-line. Both experienced and knowledgeable on the subject of food trucks they gave me they’re critiques on each one they had eaten at. Time flew by and we reached the front, the only dilemma now was what to order. How do you choose from a menu that’s mouthwatering just from reading its contents? I decided to pull the “what’s better?” question and wound up ordering the Craklin’ Duck Herb Sandwich with black plum and cilantro. I gathered my napkins and received the lip-smacking sandwich. Just one bite summed up the greatness of this sandwich and its truck. The salty duck glazed in the sweet plum sauce and topped with fresh cilantro on sweet rolls was an exciting flavor combination.

  When FOTF had received their orders (as they split up between 2 trucks) they headed back to their one of kind table covered in a silver table-cloth, topped with a candle set and accompanied by two hot pink chairs. They also enjoyed their meals thoroughly and you can read about their critiques and experiences at their blog here.
    This was a one of a kind event that was overall delicious and fun! If your interested in the Food Truck Revolution find them on Twitter or Facebook so you can follow their every move.  As Dim Ssam a gogo says “Munch & Move On” or as I say.........
.....Keep on Cooking!

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  1. Great photos and review. As always a pleasure dining with you, Jeremy.
    - The FOTF girls