You’ll need something to cut on…

Wood Boards are great but can require a lot of maintenance

There are many different types of cutting boards,  but to start the two you would most probably use are wood and plastic. Like knives, cutting boards can be expensive (believe it or not), so save yourself the expenses and avoid the over priced ones, at least in the beginning. I like wood boards to cut my produce, chop my nuts and chocolate, work dough’s on and more. However I don’t cut my meats on a wood board because the raw juices can be absorbed by the wood, possibly causing “cross-contamination” (plus you can get a really funky smelling board).  A plastic cutting board can do just as good a job as a wood one, they just don’t look as cool. If you want to be a cook the looks of your equipment should not matter. It’s easy to find cheap plastic boards that you can cut anything on. Try to find a board with rubber on it making it slip resistant. However if you want to go with a wood board they require regular oiling and/or waxing, so think carefully before making your decision.

Plastic Boards are inexpensive but make sure they have slip resistant bottoms

Keep on Cooking!!!

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