Blender’s, Gadgets, & Machines.....oh my!

As you get more advanced a counter top mixer will be indispensable

 When you walk into a store that sells all those culinary contraptions, you might think of the daunting task of setting them up and the uncountable amount of buttons you’ll have to push…wrong. The machine’s I use the most in the kitchen are my Kitchen Aid mixer and my Cuisinart food processor. If you’re a baker you’ll definitely need a Mixer down the road but if your just starting out you’ll want a small yet sturdy hand mixer that’ll get the job done.

A hand held mixer is great to get started

The Kitchen Aid is equipped with a dough hook, paddle attachment and a whisk (to whip up a beautiful meringue). It will help you prepare cake batters, cookie dough, as well as a perfect pizza dough. The food processor is another vital piece of equipment you might just want in your kitchen. It can pulse or chop just about anything. It can grind bread to make breadcrumbs, make dough’s, prepare pesto and so much more.

The Food Processor will become your most valuable electric gadget

Other (but not necessary to get started) machines in the kitchen that maybe useful are panini presses, immersion blenders, waffle iron, blenders and a whole lot more. Remember you don't need to spend a lot of money to get started and just add on when you can.

Keep on Cooking!!!

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