Kitchen Essentials, Part 1

If you want to cook in the kitchen it's important to have all the right gadgets and gizmos. First you need to start off with the kitchen basics (which I'll discuss below) and then slowly add to your culinary collection. Some things you'll use all of the time and others might collect dust over the years, but you'll never know when you'll need it (and you will). Over time you'll pick things up along the way. When you travel, instead of that snow globe of Alaska you'll want that Alaskan Ulu Knife (I did). However, first things first so let’s start off with the kitchen essentials, so here's what I suggest.

 A Global Brand Chef's Knife

A good knife, makes a good kitchen:
Knives are the tridents of the kitchen; they conduct your culinary symphony next to your spoon and whisk. In your kitchen I considered it an essential to have a couple of good sturdy knives that will last you a long time. My philosophy, you don’t need expensive knives to have a good kitchen. You should hold your knife comfortably, it might be lightweight (I prefer), or a little bit on the denser side, but that’s for you to decide. It’s important to have one universal chef’s knife, a serrated knife (my favorite), a pairing knife, and a boning knife. Of course there are hundreds of other knives but to get started you’ll need these a lot. I like the brand Global since their lightweight and the blade is almost paper thin. Go to your local cooking store and test out some knives and pick whichever suits you and your budget the best.

**Remember to be very careful in using knives (if you're not experienced with knives please ask your parents or someone with experience for assistance) and always take care in maintaining them** 

This is Part-One of a mutli-part blog entry. So keep checking back and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Keep on Cooking!!!!


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Loved your site. Great to see you love your craft.

    I thought this post was a part of a multi-blog entry....where's Part - Two?


    Keep posting

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