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                           The “REAL” Julie Powell               The “REAL” Juilia Child

I AM MARKING MY CALENDAR!!! Those were the first words out of my mouth when I saw the Julie & Julia movie trailer online. I read the book which was incredible. It’s about a nearing thirty year old Julie Powell, who has a monotonous secretarial job in New York City. One day Julie decides to change her life by cooking her way through 524 recipes in Julia Child’s celebrated Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The catch: she must cook all the recipes within one year. It is during this year that Julie gains a new  perspective on her own life, which is now filled with livers and omelets.

                                    Amy Adams as Julie Powell in “Julie & Julia”

The movie  coincides with My life in France written by Julia Child.  I have yet to read My Life in France but I plan on it before the release of the movie (if I can finish my summer reading for school first). What I do know is that the book tells of Julia Child and her adventures in France. Before she wrote Mastering and starred in her own television cooking show The French Chef, Julia Child had no clue about cooking or France. Shopping in local French markets, attending Le Cordon Bleu, Julia weaves the story of her rise to fame.

                                       Meryl Streep as Julia Child in “Julie & Julia”

The movie is directed by Nora Ephron who wrote and directed Bewitched  and Sleepless in Seattle. If I had the chance to talk to both Julie and Julia, I would thank them for being an inspiration to me. When I was in eighth grade my english class was assigned a project to write a paper on someone who is not living, yet is an inspiration to you. Without hesitation I chose Julia Child. Along with the essay I made her renowned Coq Au Vin,  Riz A L’orientale (vegetarian rice bowl) and Mousseline Au Chocolat (chocolate mouse).  As soon as I told my teacher I was cooking for my project she decided to tell other teachers who then told their students and so on...There were many mouths to feed.  I want to thank Julia, first for getting me an A on my project, but most importantly being an inspiration. Lastly I would like to thank Julie, I never truly understood what a blog was until I read her book and I probably would of never been inspired to write one myself.

Julie & Julia cooks its way to theaters August 7

                           Two Great books I would recommend for anyone interested 
                                                        in Food or Cooking.

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