Practice makes perfect

    Sharpen your knives!!! I’m entering my first culinary competition this month. The competition is being held at the Florida Culinary Institute on August 22nd. I have entered the Category F competition, which is a two person team. I'm working with my awesome friend Paige Desimon from West Boca. We’ve been practicing for the past couple of weeks and things have been crazy. We’ve created a regional menu meaning its Florida inspired. 

We have fish, tropical fruit, and classical techniques. Supposedly the key to this competition is techniques. If you’ve mastered a technique such as tourneying a potato or filleting a fish you keep your medal. At the beginning of the competition you start out with a gold medal (how awesome is that) however, if you should make mistakes you are deducted points and move farther away from your gold medal. The panel of judges consists of teachers and master chefs (it’s nerve wrecking). Everything counts from your uniform to cleanliness. So far Paige and I are the only student team in the competition going up against 3 professional teams. Forget what you know about Iron Chef or Chopped, this type of competition is the real deal. There’s no secret ingredient, no room for accidents and 2 hours. There are other competitions on the same day known as the ACF Salon. Well that’s all for now but I’ll fill you in as the competitions gets close  ( 2 weeks!!!).  LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!

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