The Omelet Experience: Part 1

Well, it’s Saturday morning and guess what? There is yet another thunderstorm over Boca Raton. The TV is out, my dog is shaking with fear and I am creating an omelet. I used to think of an omelet as just an egg folded in half , but it is so much more. So I decided to slowly master the art of making the perfect omelet. An omelet is basically an egg pocket and is not always, but usually stuffed with any any combination of fillings (cheese, spinach, tomato, bacon, onion, etc…). It starts off simple, two or three large eggs (I was serving myself) and some salt and pepper to taste. I then beat it lightly with a fork. I then added about a tablespoon of butter to a small sauté pan and put it over medium high heat. I tilted the pan around here and there to evenly coat the pan. Once the butter was completely melted and the pan was hot I added my eggs. This is where it got tricky. After two or so minutes the egg towards the bottom began to thicken but there was loose egg still on top. What do I do with that. I moved my spatula around the outside lip of the pan to let the loose yolk move around. Heres where it literally fell apart, I decided to flip the omelet. I put the spatula down and with both hands on the handle I jerked the pan around to loosen the egg and SPLAT! My omelet was now on the counter top, broken apart and quite colorless. I put the remaining part on my plate and tried to fold it over ( this kinda worked, but not really). Anyway, to my surprise the inside was creamy yet firm and it tasted,well, like an egg. It needs something! I’m going to try again. Keep on cooking teens!

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