When in doubt, eat apple pie

This is a short blog but I really wanted to share this experience with you. Its Tuesday, and it’s the second to last day of school. I was on the way home with my mom and I was on top of the world. When we arrived at our house we hit the garage button, but it didn’t seem to lift the door. So we decided to try it by hand, no luck. Well, we had no key to the front door and no one was around to help. We were locked out of the house, it was 100 degrees and I was missing Tyler’s Ultimate. After 25 long minutes we finally got in. Once inside I realized that the house was really hot, that meant one thing…..no power. (Florida thunderstorms).  Things soon became stressful. After sitting for a couple of minutes with my mom, she promptly stood up and walked around the corner into the kitchen. I wondered what she was doing. My mom returned with two forks in one hand and a plastic container in the other. In this container was the most beautiful, all-american, delectable…..Apple Pie ( last nights dessert). We didn’t say a word (we already knew what each other was thinking), we just took our forks and dug in. The creamy inside and spiced crunchy crust made us feel better. It was a great moment, just sitting in the house with my mom and a slice of apple pie. I thought about this situation and came to realize that even in the worst of time’s food can cure the moment and bring people together. After awhile the power went back on but it made me realize  that no matter where you are or who you are with, sitting down to good food and conversation is always the best medicine!

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