C’est Si Bon Blog #1

Here in Chapel Hill North Carolina, (“The foodiest town in America”) is the extraordinary culinary school, C’est Si Bon! Two years ago in the summer of ’07 my parents and I came across an add for a cooking school that offered summer programs for teens. At first we thought it might be another attempt to teach kids how to make grilled cheese (I have nothing against grilled cheese, but come-on), however after checking them out and many conversations with Dorette (owner of the school and mentor of mine) we decided to give it a try. At the end of my one week there  (the name of the program is “‘Carolina on my Plate”) my whole perspective about food changed. Dorette and the local chefs in Chapel Hill are unique and inspirational. I learned to expand my culinary horizons, be creative, and understand that food is universal and brings everyone together.

With farms nearby and large leafy trees you definitely get a sense of comfort here in Chapel Hill. Every morning I wake up and get a rush of adrenaline to start the day. I can’t wait to work with the enthusiastic Kid Chefs (C’est Si Bon has a day program for kids and pre-teens) and the other interns. Now, if that’s how I feel every morning (this is my third year here) I can only imagine how Dorette and her husband Rich must feel after doing this for 12 years. Not only do they raise turkeys and chickens but they built their own brick oven ( we just cooked Grouper with a crab and jalapeno stuffing). They also have a wonderful herb garden and every time I pass by I’m always swept away by the scents of rosemary, sage, dill and lemon balm. When the Kid Chefs cook their not just boiling of pot of pasta and throwing some tomatoes in, they are leaning to create. They have recently cooked meals such as Spinach Gnudi Ravioli with basil béchamel and bittersweet chocolate, Rolled Turkey Scaloppini with prosciutto and pomegranate, and caramel gelato ( it's Italian week!).

After having a cup of iced coffee and feeding the turkeys with Dorette, words can’t describe how much I love it here. Each day I’m learning something new and my appreciation for food just keeps on growing. The Teen Chefs are arriving this Sunday, so the fun has only just begun.

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