Hey, and welcome to the “Grand Opening” of jeremycooks.com. I am not an expert at “blogging”, actually I have never blogged until we started this project, but I am sure I’ll get the hang of it. Let me explain how this works. On jeremycooks.com. you can follow me on my journey to becoming a chef. You can read my blog, get recipes, tips, watch videos and more. Each week a new tip or technique will be added. There will also be a “new” word of the day with it’s definition (you never know when it will come in handy). I will also be posting recipes. These will be dishes that I have recently made and will suggest you try them. Those things are currently up and running, but soon you can watch me on my Cookisodes™.

Cookisodes™ are webcasts of me out in the culinary world. Sometimes I will be cooking by myself preparing dishes that are simple to extraordinary. I will also be cooking with local and big name chefs (I cant give any names yet, it’s a surprise!) I will talk about everything culinary related: cookbooks, chefs, the Food Network, the difference between organic and regular eggs and so much more! As jeremycooks.com begins to grow we will be launching a global Teen Chef Network where you guys can talk to other teens that enjoy cooking as well.

I’m so happy this is up and running there are lots of things to come... so stay tuned. Keep on cooking!

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