{ I Have Some Splainin To Do...}

Dearest Reader,

My absence is... unappetizing. 

I know, I left you at the turn of the my 19th birthday! What a cliffhanger!  

So, lets play Catch-up. 

I'm living in an apartment with three roommates in Manhattan. 

Im working/Interning at Prune (restaurant). 

I never know when I'm going to be home do to my hours and as a result the blog has suffered. 

I attended the James Beard Awards (more on that to come). 

I had a mental breakdown as to whether or not to return to culinary school. 

I'm returning to culinary school (in September). 

JeremyCooks is going to featured in a German Textbook. 

Just a fun fact

Work is great! Work is hard... I'm tired, restless, and my feet are in constant pain. 

Welcome to the industry. 

A new look for JC is on the way along with all new recipes, adventures and interviews! 

I'll do my best to be here more often. 


- J 

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