{19}  Here I am, another year older.

I’m a darker roast, a slightly finer julienne,  and there’s another layer of flavor to my sauce. I like to think that with each year I’ve become a little wiser, a bit more mature and more of me; & 18 was a year I really took some leaps to do so. I graduated high school, appeared on national television, moved to New York, and started culinary school! 
Forget a leap that’s the equivalent of jumping out of plane! 

I’ve survived almost being kidnapped by a cab driver and smelling like fish for a month. I can say I’ve stood on a street corner with Marilyn Monroe, but the gender was questionable. I met  Chefs Thomas Keller and Charlie Palmer. Not to mention I briefly worked in various celebrated restaurants. 

 So, what does 19 have in store for me? What will this coming year make of me? I’m not expecting much, not much at all. I’m where I’ve always wanted to be.  So how does it get any better? Too many questions! 

A few things I know for sure. I’ll be externing and living  in New York City this March at a place called Prune. You might have heard of it or its famous chef - Gabrielle Hamilton, author of the acclaimed memoir Blood, Bones & Butter. After 7 trails and leaving one hell of a path of breadcrumbs all over Manhattan, I finally found the right place.

{  If your looking to be enlightened read her article “ A Rogue Chef  Tells All" , it’s certainly a must read for any aspiring chef - http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/a-rogue-chef-tells-all }

This year I will inevitably cook more, share a great deal of laughs, and continue on this epic journey of mine.... (which I hope you will continue to follow)

& just like 18, I will become a little wiser, a bit stronger and that much more versed in life. 

Here’s to 19! 
Have a delicious day!


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  1. Wow. Hi! I am obsessed with baking and so it is such a relief to see someone my own age(ish) who shares such a passion for cooking.

    I cannot see any option thing to follow you so I will just keep a look out for new posts.

    I hope that you have the greatest success, in becoming a chef. I am sure that you will do well