8 Nights and a hand blender!!!

     Last year for Chanukah I asked for a new food processor as ours was old and small and I’ve put the new one to great use (I’m surprised I haven’t worn it out yet), between all the dough’s, pesto, and vegetables that need pulsing its absolutely a great piece of equipment. This year for Chanukah I really didn’t want anything but my mom told me she had gotten something little anyway. As I opened the present I pulled out a white rectangular box that contained a HAND BLENDER! 200 watts of power all stored in an easy one-touch control, stainless steal, effortless cleanup, hand held blender. It was beautiful and very thoughtful. Now I can make an Heirloom Tomato soup, butternut squash or sweet potato puree, smoothies, and much much more! My brother and I had exchanged gifts. I got him a Johnny Cupcakes shirt (we like the designs) and he got me ceramic pie weights, which was thoughtful because whenever I make pies I always use rice to weigh the piecrust down. He also got me a new whisk that I can now use to incorporate air into a beautiful mix of meringue. I guess my parents and my brother have been paying close attention to any trouble that I may have encountered while cooking this past year and the things I  didn’t have. These are coolest gifts from the coolest family. Happy Holidays & Keep on Cooking!

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