The Walk-In

While I'm waiting to move into my new home, new kitchen; I dug up some stored away stories of mine. This one is from a particularly frustrating day from some time ago... enjoy!

I stormed from the prep table to the large steel refrigerator. I clasped the handle and pulled back against the suction as a blast of cold air hit my face. I stepped in and shut the door behind me. 

I was alone. .

I leaned against the wall; craving a second of nothing. 

What’s that smell? 

I browsed the shelves - The Epoisses was left unwrapped; or maybe it was the fermenting ducks. 

My attention brought me to a jar of mayonnaise. I stared it down 

“F*** you!” 
Is this where my frustration has brought me? Swearing at a container of whipped eggs. I had multiple directions coming from a variety of mouths and authority. One cook demands you lay parchment down on the sheet tray but the other forbids it. Someone want’s the carrot cut on a bias while the other want’s cubes.

...& being the youngest newbie really doesn't help either. When something goes wrong (a container misplaced or anonymously labeled) I’m the first suspect. It sucks...

I remember a friend of mine describing this feeling as a “roller coaster”. A churning almost queasy feeling in the heart of your stomach that brings you from “ I love my job” to “I hate everything”. It toys with you physically and mentally. By the end of your shift you’ve exhausted yourself. 

What’s that sound? 

My stomach was speaking to me. “Feed Me!”, it cried out.

I leaned over to a jar of pickled green beans. I drew one out as if it were a piece of licorice.  I bit in as the sour juices made my lips pucker. 

I searched for something simpler.

 Cherry tomato’s. 

I picked one from the tub and popped just one in my mouth. 


I turned around and pushed against the door. Walking back to the prep area, slowly but surely returning to reality. 

“Oh, wait.” - I said out loud 

I needed the mayonnaise. 


  1. Jeremy,
    You write a very vivid story about your kitchen experience. I really liked your word choice. My friend's mom makes pickled string beans and they are amazing! I thought it was funny how you became so distracted that you forgot the mayonnaise. Thats like me forgetting my keys everyday when I leave for school. I also forget to take them out of the ignition when I get out of the car. There are many things that distract me throughout my day and I don't get enough time to really focus. Why do you think that cherry tomatoes are simpler than pickled string beans?

  2. Jeremy,
    My name is Christina.I’m 12 and I’m from Vietnam.
    Your story about your kitchen experience is wonderful.You chose excellent words to tell your story.I like the way you tell how you feel when you’re hungry. I agree when you think cherry tomatoes are simpler than pickled string bean. It’s funny when you realized that you forgot the mayonnaise. Just like me when i forget to take my sweater home.I agree with you but i have to ask you : “ Why do you think cherry tomatoes are simpler than the pickled strings bean?”

  3. Jermey,
    I honestly tomato's but my mom has a tomato plant in her back yard and they seem to have become a part of my life. How can I use tomato's in a different way?