Under Construction: Myself, Life, & This Site


Hi There, 

My name is Jeremy Salamon. I thought I might re-introduce myself since my absence has been quite lengthy. 

I last left off with a recipe for orange marmalade. I made this back in May in my small but comfortable apartment in Chelsea, NYC that I shared with two other roommates. At the time I was externing (for the Culinary Institute of America) at Prune, a restaurant located on the lower East side of Manhattan. Popular for its sweetbreads and chef, Gabrielle Hamilton. 

Since then, things have changed...

I’m no longer attending the CIA, a decision completely self-made. Although, there was help and words of wisdom given from those much more wiser then I. The choice certainly wasn't easy but it was made. I realized that it was hard for one initial reason. 

When you plan on something for a very long time its extremely difficult to let go of it. The expectation can significantly differ from reality (if that makes sense). Since I was 12 I knew I was going to attend culinary school, I was bred for it. It was engraved in my plan. That being said, plans change. 

Change is inevitable. That used to be a very hard thought for me to process. Not everyone handles change the same way. 

Like dealing with my parents separation. 

My older brother Jordan and I are no longer 10 or 12. Being “adults” and out of the house makes subjects like divorce much less complicated. The idea of my parents no longer together didn't hit me as much as the thought of not sitting down to a table with the whole family again. How will Thanksgiving be celebrated? Will we divide every other year? Who’s house? Who’s table? 

In that way, matter becomes complicated. 

Not to hastily rush through this therapy session but I’m under construction and that means JeremyCooks is as well. 

Now that I’m no longer attending school (for the time being) I have a job. I’m working in Manhattan at a very special restaurant under an incredibly admirable chef. An opportunity that came far in from left field. I also do not have a kitchen of my own anymore. In fact, my current kitchen can only fit one person and does not have the space for a burner or oven. 

So, what’s a food blog if there’s no food? Isn’t that a pity. 

Like I had previously mentioned before, my plans have changed. That also goes the same for my career. No, no, I’m not leaving the culinary industry! If anything I’m about to dive deep into the depths of the food world! Sometimes, I find myself questioning whether or not the restaurant industry is for me and I believe that now is the time to seize the opportunity and explore all my options!

And you’re going to help me. 

JeremyCooks will soon have a brand spanking new look, its also about to get a lot more personal (in relation to social media). More on that later. 

JeremyCooks is not only a place for me to find  myself in this “ food-verse” and reshape my plans but it’s also for you too! JeremyCooks is our adventure into the vast world of food and I hope you’ll join me along the way. 

Cheers, to a new plan! 

- J


  1. Thanks for posting recipes they sound really good. I think I might try and make one of them.

  2. Hello Jeremy,
    I love your blog post! Change certainly is something inevitable because no one can control it. I find it very admirable that you can sway from something that has been your goal and dream since you were a little kid. I have also had a dream and my life planned out since a young age. I never thought that it might change one day. After reading this post it makes me think that there is a great possibility that something will change? Do you think that since you strayed away from the Culinary Art Institute that you will ever go back?