Heirloom of the Month: Reed Alexander

  Over the course of the past 3 years I have befriended some of the most unique and wonderful individuals. They might be chefs, farmers, writers or even students. It's been an honor and privilege to get to know each one of them because they truly inspire me. It would be selfish to keep these extraordinary friends all to my self so I decided to create a new feature here on JC called "Heirloom of the Month". An heirloom (just like the tomato) is someone or something that is original and one of a kind. Each month I will ask a different friend that inspires me to write a guest post about someone that has inspired them to cook, eat, grow, write or learn. 

  Looks like heirlooms are in season and this month I've picked a pretty unique one. I’m sure that most of you have seen or heard of the popular Nickelodeon TV show iCarly. The character of Nevel Papperman (Carly's arch rival) is played by none other than my friend Reed Alexander who,  like me, hails from Boca Raton, FL.  Reed is also an enthusiastic and knowledgeable cook who runs his very own website KewlBites; which focuses on both living and eating healthy! I had the pleasure of first meeting and working with Reed back in February when I was hosting the Kidz Food Labs as part of the SOBE Wine & Food Festival where Reed was starring in his very own cooking demonstration. Being inspired by Reed's passion for educating others about food I just had to ask him to be an Heirloom here on JeremyCooks.

  For more about Reed head on over to KewlBites.com, but first take a look at the wonderful post he cooked up for JC. 
Thanks Reed & Keep on Cooking!


 Hey guys! I'm Reed Alexander; you might know me as Nevel Papperman from Nickelodeon's hit TV show iCarly (if so, thanks so much for tuning in!)!

   In addition to my love for acting, I am super passionate about cooking and eating delicious, good-for-you dishes - like an amazing and inspiring friend of mine: Jeremy! It is because of this that I launched KewlBites.com - my online, virtual destination for kids and families where I hope you'll surf over and hang out in our interactive kitchen! The goal of KewlBites is to share a focus of mine that, about two years ago, took center stage. I was overweight and lacking energy, and needed to make fundamental changes to make eating and exercise habits, especially due to my family history of diabetes and heart disease. But I was surprised to discover that there was nothing out there designed to lend me a hand from a kid's point of view. There were no quick-fix solutions to turn to in print or on the Internet that would help me to build healthy lifestyle habits and techniques, without joining a temporary program or taking up the calling of an adult-centric weight-loss campaign. I wanted something right for me.
 The result: improvisation. Time for a brief vocab diversion! Improvisation = Inventing, creating, making your own way. It's a word we use all the time on set at iCarly, and it has just as much resonance behind the stovetop! I'm a major food lover, so I turned my kitchen into my culinary science lab - complete with a test-tube spice rack! - and began to cook up swaps for my favorite recipes, lightening them up and making them better for me. I was doing research; "blogging to myself" with tips, tricks, and ideas; studying ingredients; and making fitness I priority that I could actually look forward to (and say that last part honesty!). Eventually, I lost 15 pounds and was inspired along the way by compliments or the curiosity I received from friends and family, which empowered me to consolidate what I had learned, and the realization that I'm exploring more everyday as a perpetual "work-in-progress," and seal up that hole I had originally encountered. And therein lies the genesis behind KewlBites! My objective: Kick off a worldwide conversation about feeling great, and make it fun for kids and families across the globe!
   For me, cooking is therapeutic and motivating. I can always look forward to challenging myself to accomplish new recipes, integrate novel flavors, push boundaries, and - like the herbs I'm constantly using (yum!) - grow my digital library of recipes which I hope you'll try! After all, the most delicious part is serving up a never-before-seen creation to a group of great friends, fantastic family, and amazing guests, and savor the reaction with every bite!
Thank you so much, Jeremy, for inviting me to participate in your brilliant series as this month's Heirloom! I'm a huge fan of you and JeremyCooks.com!

Time to heat up the grill! Take a bite of my recipe for really moist, satisfying, and easy Super Kewl Turkey Burgers, just in time for summer!

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