A Liebster Blog Award!

I'm pleased to announce that I have been granted a Liebster Blog Award. An award given to blogs that inspire others and have a little under 200 followers. This award was given to me by a fellow epicure and writer extraodinaire Ellen Brandt of Indigo Scones. I first met Ellen through an email she had sent me regarding JeremyCooks. She's a passionate baker and takes the most exquisite photos that have you anxiously awaiting her next post! According to the LBA I must now award 5 blogs that inspire me! I'll announce a winner each coming week, check out these incredible bloggers.

Planting Cabbages:
This blog is not a beginners guide to the actual planting of cabbage. It's the incredible stories from the journey of one chef/writer who is a dear friend and mentor of mine. Dorette Snover is the owner of C'est Si Bon Cooking School in Chapel Hill, NC. She teaches people of all ages that food is just more then a necessity to survive its a part of who we are. Her blog is a grand feast for the eyes filled with adventures and thoughts brought all the way back from her travels to Europe. She's also in the process of publishing her very first book, so go say hi now before she becomes an incredibly famous author.

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  1. Thanks for you kind words Jeremy! I'm checking out Planting Cabbages, and it's beautiful.