The Importance of Coffee (& a good relationship with your father)

Coffee is the very foundation of my career. Its what gets me going in the morning, afternoon and night. I'm well aware that at my age I really shouldn't be consuming that much caffeine but you only live once and I'm sure there's worse things I could be doing! In fact, coffee is like my "crack-erjack". Most of my blogs over the past four years have been written while sipping a cup of JOE; it puts me in higher spirits. To the contrary, coffee runs through my very blood. My dad Jeff is one heavy Joey drinker. If there was such thing as a pope for coffee my dad would hold the position. When I was little and we traveled around frequently, dad and I would wake up real early before anyone else in the hotel room. Dad would slip on his zebra stripped sweatpants, a sweatshirt, flip-flops and a baseball cap and we'd both tip-toe through the corridor to the elevators. We bonded over a "pre-breakfast" of my small hot chocolate and dad's tall coffee and the latest New York Times paper. He would always pull out the Art & Leisure section for me. Years have passed and I've grown older with an acquired taste...for coffee. Instead of hot chocolate I drink the darkest shade of joe I can find with a splash of half-&-half and two sugars, the dining section of the Times and the occasional pastry. This happens with or without dad since I developed my own habits, but we still make time to have a cup with one another. I still long for the hotel days, a childhood memory I will always treasure. Like coffee is my sidekick, dad is my partner in crime. I'm fortunate to have the relationship I do with him. When I decided to journey into the Culinary world I didn't go alone I brought my family along for the ride and my dad specifically. 
    I get my large appetite from Dad who inherited it from his parents Agi and Steve. Our appetite's have a distinct palate for good food. My parents always encouraged my brother and I to relish in a variety of unique eats. Dad always has had a love for the dining experience and an appreciation for the culinary industry. So when I decided to take a leap a faith and open JeremyCooks, Dad was right at the starting line. Every part of this site is created by his talented tech wizardry, except for the writing (obviously). Together we've traveled, networked,  smiled, laughed and admittedly cried through the experience. Most importantly we've maintained a bond that continues to pull itself together each day. Whoever invented the saying "don't go into business with family" never met the exception, my dad, Jeff.

Thanks for all the coffee dad, cheers!
Keep on Cooking!!!

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  1. My dad has always pulled out the Arts & Leisure section for me too (: