Recipe Rhyme Challenge

What if a recipe was read like a poem? Each ingredient rhyming with the next step. It's intertwined through a story told through imagination or a first hand experience. That would be some recipe! I was intrigued by this idea and decided to give it a try. I couldn't do something like this by myself though. I called in the help of my friend Dorette Snover chef, writer and blogger of "Planting Cabbages". The site focuses on the life, stories, food and travel of Dorette. We both decided to challenge our readers with this idea.

Teen Chefs & Dorette (lower left) Summer 2010

Starting today, you (our loyal readers) can participate in the Recipe Rhyme Challenge. By September 25th 2011, we are asking for a submission of your recipe in the form of a poem. Here are the guidelines

-Use as many words and stanzas as it takes
-It can be of any length
-The recipe can be yours, from a book, tv, or online
-It can be in the form of a traditional poem, haiku,soliloquy, sonnet, ballad, prose you name it!
-Please provide a title and your name
-If you are able to, we would love to see pictures along with the poem
-Measurements are not required. We should be able to interpret what your making.
    You may submit your poem through email here at JeremyCooks or at Planting Cabbage's. Below is my example of a recipe rhyme. You can also find Dorette's example on her blog as well.

    Me and Dorette

    For I am the Potato

    For I am the potato, he yelled aloud!
    Peel me, peel me, round and round
    Then cube me, dice me, and pass me down

    For I am the parsnip, he said right back!
    I am the bleached carrot, sweet and feisty
    Now peel me, slice me, cut me thick
    Lay in me in the water, cold and icy

    Both starches began to shout
    As they rustled and hustled in the pan about
    Double double boil and trouble
    Until soft and tender they both come out

    Little did they know while they fought it out
    A perfect combination was stirring about
    Velvet cream and rich mighty butter
    Sank into a creamy dreamy puddle

    The starches had had it, they were pushed to a sweat
    So they decided to cool it out on the deck
    As they drained and steamed they had one last swing
    So they made it right back, back into the ring

    They mashed and thrashed all over the thing
    They pounded and hounded a little more
    But now they knew there was much more in store

    Down came the creamy potion
    As if it were in slow motion
    It seeped into every corner
    Bringing the starches ever warmer

    For now they were one
    A soft cloud like mixture
    Definitely an intriguing fixture

    Both apologized to one another
    They acted like fools to each other
    But over the side came a peculiar thing
    For I am the scallion, the green onion ring!

    The three most outstanding poems will be featured on both JeremyCooks and Planting Cabbages. Remember submissions are due September 25th so start your stoves and get rhyming!

    If you have questions please feel free to email Dorette and I.

    info@JeremyCooks.com & dosnover@aol.com

    Planting Cabbages: Recipe Rhyme Challenge

    Keep on Cooking!!

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