Food in the eye of the beholder

                                                                                                                                                 ©Carl Warner

Food is so many things in our world. It's a way of communication, it's a career choice, a
passion, but its also an art. You might hear the phrase "chefs are artists and the plate is their canvas". Let's take that saying and bring it to a new extreme. For British artist Carl Warner it's his job to hang his food in a gallery. To Warner a bed of smoked salmon is no topping for capers, eggs, and onions. Its the ocean for his tropical "foodscape". When a chef looks at a block of aged Parmesan he may think about grating it or using the rind in a stock.  When Warner looks at a block of aged Parmesan he sees the walls of Italian villas. Warner is known worldwide for creating these dream like food filled  landscapes. A world wrapped in prosciutto and a sky filled of vegetable hot air balloons  comes straight out of a fairytale. As a unique photographer, Carl likes to trick the eye. At first sight you may think your gazing at a magnificent mountain but if you dig a little deeper you'll find yourself looking at a mountain of potatoes.

                                                                                                                                     ©Christopher Boffoli

To Christopher Boffoli it's a very small world, of tiny people and mountain high food. Boffoli takes food to a whole new scale with his food filled world of photography. Check out the radiologists examining the burnt sugar topping of the creme brûlée or  watch the construction workers as they saw their way through chocolate. A cup of tea easily becomes a beverage sized adventure for two scuba drivers. Boffloli took his love of art and fascination with scales between people and objects and designed a fun metropolis for the everyday food lover.

For Warner and Boffoli it takes a lot of patience to design and pick the freshest produce. According to several interviews it can take days to setup something that seems so simple on camera. If you enjoyed the artwork here and find yourself wanting more food art just do some research and you'll find many other food artist like Warner and Boffoli. Be warned though, you may find yourself eating the art.

Keep on Cooking!

Check out Carl Warner at http://www.carlwarner.com/"
Check out Christopher Boffoli food at http://cjboffoli.500px.com/disparity/

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