National Student Chef of the year competition

Its been nearly 2 years since I competed in my first American Culinary Federation  (ACF) competition. Now I’m at it again, this time to compete for the title of  2011 ACF National Student Chef of the Year, on my own without a partner! As you might remember, our dish for the 2009 ACF Salon consisted of snapper, which meant countless numbers fish to fillet for practice. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and on top of that my partner Paige and I received Silver medals. We were the only high school competitors out of 4 professional teams. Professional Culinary competitions are a lot different from what you see on Iron Chef America. You’re judged by Certified Master Chefs (there are less then 100 in the entire world) who take everything into account from your uniform to the precise measurements of your knife cuts, sanitation, even the smell and freshness of your ingredients. I’ll bring you along with me every step of the way right up to competition day at the ACF Regional Conference in Atlanta this February. This is a very big deal, in fact you need to be nominated before you are even considered, so even being chosen to compete is quite an honor. Sixteen competitors have been selected to compete, four from each region of the country (SE, NE, SW & NW). The stakes are high because the winner from each of the four regions moves on to compete for the title of National Student Chef of the Year this summer.......I better start cooking!

Click here to see the ACF Press release.

For more information about how you can get involved in your local ACF chapter please log onto www.ACFchefs.org

Keep on Cooking!!!

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