The French Press

So sorry to my fellow foodies and followers. I’ve been planning projects and tending to school work but I’m here, alive, thriving and as always, cooking! Today I wanted to take a chance to glorify one of my greatest investments in the kitchen, (something I don’t even cook with) the French Press. I first came upon this funny contraption spending my summers  North Carolina at C’est Si Bon Cooking School. Dorette  (a dear friend and mentor of mine) has several French Presses and even one that she travels with. I never got it until I finally got one for myself. A French Press consists of a glass flask and is supported by metal rods and a rubber handle. The important part of the press is…well, the press. At the end of the lid is a long skinny rod that holds the filter that pushes the coffee grinds down and liquid out. I have used my press 100’s of  times and I can say for sure it will make you love coffee….if you don’t already. At a young age you should avoid drinking coffee everyday and maybe even try decaffeinated at least until your older. Its something that warms me up each morning and helps me think when I write, not to mention it helps get me through first period. Warning, the French press does produce a stronger coffee put that’s nothing a little sugar and cream cant take care of and if you have leftovers, iced coffee is great in the afternoon.  

Do you have a favorite kitchen investment?

Keep on Cooking!!

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