Measure me up, Bowl me down

Metal Measuring Spoons

 If you happen to catch a glimpse of your grandmother baking that heavenly decadent German Chocolate Cake or cooking that “fall off the bone brisket”, you may notice that she doesn’t use measuring spoons or cups. Why? Simply because she’s been doing it for a very long time and that doesn’t mean you should follow, especially in the beginning. I’ve made that mistake of not using measuring tools plenty of times and have ended up with less then perfect results.

Metal Measuring Bowls

You definitely need a set of measuring cups and spoons and to be precise you’ll want metal or rubber (avoid cheap plastic). The reason I say to avoid plastic is because over time hot liquids or your dishwasher will eventually ruin them.  You’ll also want 1 or 2 measuring cups for liquid.

Liquid Measuring Cup

Like me, you might want an assortment of bowls, a few plastic and a couple of metal. The plastic bowls are good for just about anything but the metal bowls are sturdier. You can even find bowls that are weighted with rubber bottoms. Bowls with little spouts at the end of them make it easy to pour batters and other liquids out of.

Keep on Cooking!!!

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