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Blue Hill in NYC

 On my recent trip to NYC my dad and I ate at one of our countries most acclaimed restaurants, Blue Hill, which is located in Greenwich Village. Blue Hill focuses on farm to table seasonal produce. Executive Chef and co-owner (along with family members David and Laureen Barber) Dan Barber is a James Beard Award winning chef. In addition to the restaurant in New York City they manage a farm (about 30 minutes outside of the city) called Stone Barns that grows the restaurants produce and holds their livestock. There is also a Blue Hill restaurant at Stone Barns as well.

Blue Hill Executive Chef  and co-owner Chef Dan Barber

I had known about Blue Hill for quite some time and I’ve always wanted to go since I’m a farm to table advocate! (Those of you who follow JeremyCooks know that I spend every June working at C’est Si Bon in Chapel Hill, NC which is a Farm to Table cooking school and camp.)  A few weeks before going to NY we sent an email to Chef Barber and Vice President Irene Hamburger telling them about JeremyCooks and how I would love to visit Blue Hill. We received a response telling us how excited they were about JeremyCooks and would be happy for us to visit Blue Hill in NYC. They also offered us a tour of the farm but unfortunately our schedule didn’t permit it  (but next time without a question).

My next trip will include a visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns

We went on Tuesday evening just as they were opening for dinner and my dad and I were among the first to arrive (within 20 minutes the place was packed). We were seated at one of the back table’s in the corner so we could see the entire restaurant. When our waiter came out I asked him if Chef Barber was available, and if so could you please tell him Jeremy Salamon was here. “ He is,” said the waiter “ and he knows you’re here”, he said it with a smile and walked away. The next thing I know we were greeted by the managers who actually taken the time to check out the website and came to talk to me about it (how cool is that!). The next part was a surprise, as Chef Barber walked up to our table! After we spoke for a few minutes he told us that if we didn’t mind we would not be given menus, but instead he would be making us dinner (I didn’t mind at all). The first course was a Marinated Spring Vegetable Salad. Sounds ordinary, right? Think again, this salad had each individual vegetable standing on top of a needle, situated on a wooden block. (see below)

First course: Marinated spring vegetable salad

Almond Cake with Ricotta with Homemade Tomato Sauce (mini-Sliders)

 Homemade Bread with 2 types of butter and a Tomato Sea salt dip

 Another amazing dish we were served was a Summer Melon and Tomato Gazpacho. It consisted of local bell peppers, basil and a dollop of yogurt sorbet to top it off. I would have no problem sitting on the beach on a really hot day eating a gallon of this stuff! A few amazing courses later and we were served “this morning’s farm egg”. Freshly picked, this egg is cooked and seated in a bath of preserved tomatoes and eggplant broth, with almonds and pancetta.

Summer Melon and Tomato Gazpacho

Watermelon, Goat Cheese, Marinated Tomatoes and Pancetta topped with Foam

“This morning’s farm egg”

Our main course (which was course seven, I believe) was a strip of perfectly Seared Duck Breast served with finely Diced Vegetables paired with a Succotash of Lima Beans and Corn (the flavors melted in my mouth).

Seared Duck Breast paired with Succotash of Lima beans and corn

Dessert was served in four courses, we had Watermelon with Balsamic and a Cantaloupe Sorbet, Blue Hill honey with Blueberries and Yogurt, a soft Strawberry Cannoli and finally homemade Raspberry Truffles. Who knew so many little courses could fill you up so fast (Alright it wasn’t that fast, we were there for 3 hours)! It was a truly unforgettable dining experience and I highly recommend you visit.

Watermelon with Balsamic and a Cantaloupe Sorbet

Blue Hill honey with Blueberries and Yogurt

A Soft Strawberry Cannoli

In the end, I met an award-winning chef who I truly admire, and experienced an amazing and unforgettable meal.
Keep on Cooking!!! 

Visit Blue Hill online at:

Blue Hill in NYC:
75 Washington Place (Near 6th Avenue)

New York, NY 10011

Tel# (212) 539-1776

Blue Hill at Stone Barns:
630 Bedford Road

Pocantico Hills, NY 10591

Tel# (914) 366 9600

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