Lights, Camera, Cook!!!!

West Boca High School's Culinary Academy (my School)

This past Tuesday was a really exciting day for Jeremycooks! If you didn’t already know, we recently signed a production deal to create a television show based on Jeremycooks.com and the Cookisodes! In order to create a "demo" to show the Networks, the production company came to shoot different scenes of my life,  in my house, school and work. As you know by now I attend West Boca High School which has a Culinary Academy and that was our first stop of the day. We got to school just in time to shoot my 9:30AM Culinary class. (Thanks to Principal Stenner, Mrs Bantang, Chef Hall and Chef Suarez for allowing us to do this). They not only filmed shots of me cooking with my friends and teachers they interviewed them as well. After school we went back to my house where Jay (one of the producers) interviewed me in my room.

 Shooting in my room

Every shot takes a lot of time, they have to set up lighting, check the sound and of course “hair and makeup”. That's right, there was even a professional hair and makeup person. By the time we finished at the house it was already after lunch and next stop was Wild Olives by Todd English (a.k.a work). At Wild Olives we filmed a Cookisode with me and Executive Chef Rich Leadbetter. He showed me how to make "Wild Olives" Meatballs which happen to be fantastic. The Meatballs are used in Wild Olives version of Spaghetti and Meatballs as well as their amazing Meatball Sliders.

 Chef Rich, Chef Jamie and me in the Wild Olives kitchen

  Afterwards they wanted to get shots of me working, just doing what I do every Saturday. Since I often get to make the famous Todd English flatbread Pizza’s I made three of them, when they were done everyone got to taste how delicious they were. Throughout the day I had to wear three different Chef Jackets, my one from school, my JeremyCooks.com jacket and finally my Wild Olives jacket, talk about wardrobe changes. It was definitely an exhausting day but it was lots of fun and one I will never forget.  Thanks again to Jay, Mike, Dave and Linda for teaching me about film production and for being very patient. I also want to thank Chef Rich, Chef Jamie and everyone at Wild Olives for being so gracious and basically letting us take over the restaurant for the entire afternoon (even though it was between lunch and dinner they were still open).

Another interview in the Wild Olives dinning room
 (The staff was setting up for dinner around us while we were doing this)

Doing a shot outside

As a side note, I got my driver’s license this past Monday!!!  Hallelujah! The test was no problem as I had a feeling I was going to pass. Now I can drive to “Whole Foods”…by myself (isn’t that exciting).

Well, there seems to be a bright and exciting future for Jeremycooks and all of you are welcome to join me on this amazing journey. Whether you want to pursue a career in the culinary world like me or you just love food and cooking, Jeremycooks is here for you!  Keep on cooking.


  1. Jeremy, what a great web site. You are going to
    have a great career on TV.

    Love You,

    Lori & Stan

  2. Have to admidt I was highly impressed with your skills in the kitchen and with the way you command the camera! Keep up the great work