Working the Line

Finally, after months of waiting I’m back in the kitchen…the professional one that is. I’m now working again at Stonebridge Country Club (it was closed for renovations). All I can say is that it looks awesome. Its got a modern, Zen style, look to it. Chef Randy (executive chef) definitely puts me to the test. I trimmed the ends off of hundreds of green beans, scooped 300 balls of ice cream, and worked the line and much much more. In the end he was very impressed and offered me an internship. I was so excited but at the same time my legs killing me from working from nine in the morning to midnight.

Now that I’m back I’m thrilled and doing what I love. All the waiters and chefs are extremely nice and fun to be with and I’m definitely learning a lot. My first day back I worked a wedding and my second day back I worked the Halloween Ball. Last Saturday I got to brunoise (knife skill) 10 red bell peppers and in return received a callus on my index finger (ouch!), but I take pride in it as a mark of my hard work. I also prepared the mierpoix (carrots, onions, celery) and chicken for the chicken potpie, I seared the duck breast, prepared the appetizers, fanned the strawberries, made the onion marmalade and more. The best part of the whole day is working the line. The line is literally a“ line of chefs” that assemble the food as fast as they can to get the orders out. Dishes are banging, people are shouting, and your hands are burning from the insanely hot plates (I like to wear layers of latex gloves. In the end, it’s a great experience and it’s just the beginning of many lessons and adventures to come at Stonebridge.
Keep On Cooking!!!

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  1. jeremy! this sounds like it is right up your alley! i've had those calluses you speak of. did you work the line during service - do they have a seperate banquet kitchen? inquiring minds want to know!