Chile in my Chocolate

Goodbye Godiva, hello exotic chocolate candy bars. Bacon, Wasabi, Mushrooms, and other spices all infused into one 8 x 3 inch candy bar. I bring this up because I recently took a trip to Whole Foods where I came upon Vosges Haut-Chocolat. It’s a brand that specializes in exotic candies. Ranging in flavors from all the above its definitely an experience. I was told by the cashier that the bacon and chocolate was the most popular but they were out of them (I guess she wasn’t kidding). So I chose a Red Fire Bar. Mexican ancho and chipotle chilies, Ceylon cinnamon, and of course dark chocolate (55% cacao to be exact). As I gazed upon the box on noticed the dried chipotle chiles, the tall cinnamon sticks and one quaint little chocolate square all pictured on a sleek white background. I knew I was in for something good. I then turned the box over and read:



Well I guess my inner chocoholic took over, I just ripped open the package and took a bite ignoring the directions. At first I didn’t taste anything except chocolate. But a moment later I tasted cinnamon, and then… chilies. The flavors ran up and down the back of my throat giving a fiery “zing” to it. Fortunately it was a mild heat so I wasn’t in desperate need of water although I did take a sip (wimpy, I know). I can’t wait to try another flavor especially the bacon and the next time you’re out in a candy store or Whole Foods look for something new and exciting to try. You never know… you just might like it.

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